Notes is designed to help you keep track of important information about the things going on in the lives of your congregation, including their needs, struggles, and ministry interest.

Collecting information is only half of the job, though; the other half is bringing people into the loop so they can love, support and pray.

People can submit prayer requests, and you can continue storing them in Notes, but what is the point if the requests never get to the people who pray?

To make the process of sharing notes a little easier, we made a way for you to have an automatic email notification sent to specific people whenever a new note is created in a category.

I’ll use the Prayer Request example to show you how it works! To get started, go to Manage Note Categories. You might notice after you click that we changed things up a little bit. This feature update gave us an excuse to improve the layout!

All of your existing note categories are in the left hand sidebar, and the option to create a New Note Category is an obvious blue button at the bottom of the category list. When you click on a category you’ll see the edit section divided into: Category Settings and Notifications.

Go to the Notifications section of the page and type your prayer team’s names in the search box. Every morning, anyone included in this list will receive an email with all of the notes added to profiles in your Prayer Request category to the previous day.

The email will look something like this:

We hope this is an effective tool in your toolbelt as you seek to connect with and love the people in your church!

Team People