One of the most important purposes of Registrations is to help your church’s event sign up process be as quick and as easy as possible. In response to your feedback about the public side of registering for an event, we made some big changes!



Mobile Friendly

Out with the old, in with the new, and voila! By removing the sidebar we have a streamlined process on all mobile devices with consistent button placement and design, less overall scrolling, and no side-to-side maneuvering.

Clear Buttons

To make sure people actually finalize the registration process after filling out their event details, we moved the Complete Registration button to be more visible. We also updated the text on the buttons to be both specific and dynamic. For example, in the screenshot the action button says "Continue to Dan" to indicate Dan is the next person we need details for.

Sticky Status Update

No matter what page you’re on, or how far down you scroll, you will always know what step you are on and how much the event will cost. When you select an add-on with an additional fee, like a camp t-shirt, the total cost will update immediately.

We will keep a pulse on how these updates work for your church and will continue to make it straightforward and effortless for users.


Team Registrations
Jonathan, Katie, Kevin, and Scott