Last year we released an integration between two of our applications, Check-Ins and Registrations. This integration allows you to check people into an event you created in Registrations using a Roster Station in Check-Ins. Today, the Check-Ins and Registrations teams announce a stronger integration with all station types in Check-Ins, which means you now have options.

An illustrated iPad with listed items down the screen. If you use a Roster Station in Check-Ins, you can call out roll “clipboard style” from a list of all your attendees, which can be separated by any assignments you made in Registrations.

An illustrated iPad with a search bar on the screen.Using a Manned Station will allow you to group people by registration group, and have those groups share security labels. This can be especially helpful for conferences or large group events. As is the case with all Manned Stations, you can add and edit people on the spot if you need to.

An illustrated iPad with different check-in options on the screen. If you use a Self Station for your Registrations event, your regular attenders can check themselves or their group in as if it were any other Check-Ins event. Self Stations are great for conferences, classes for adults, and for people who are already comfortable checking themselves in. It will still group people by registration, like Manned Stations do, but will only allow people with a complete registration to check in.

One of the slickest things about this integration is that any incomplete registrations will show up as alerts next to attendees’ names in Check-Ins. As volunteers are checking people in, they will be able to see if someone didn’t turn in a form, provide payment, or is missing an answer to one of the required questions.

A list of people checked in for a registered event with their names and profile pictures.

Note: If someone who tries to check in on a Self Station has an alert, Check-Ins will not share what the alert is, but direct them to see a leader.

As always, we can’t wait to hear your feedback on this, and some other smaller updates we’ve done with this integration.

We hope you enjoy!
The Check-Ins and Registrations Teams