This morning when we released our brand new profile page in Planning Center People, we snuck a new feature in with it: a Campus dropdown so you can track what campuses the people in your church attend!

You will see two new small features in People: a list condition to help filter lists by campus assignments, and a shiny widget on your dashboard to show you how your campus assignments compare to each other.

But this is only the beginning! Now that campuses are built into profiles, you will start seeing more and more campus-related features springing up across all our applications.

Getting Started

To use these new campus features, you’ll first need to configure your campuses in Accounts.

If you already track campuses using Custom Fields, then the transition to this new feature is easy. First, make a list of all the people assigned to a campus by Custom Field, then use the new Assign to Campus bulk action to assign those people to the built in campus.

If you do not track who attends which campus, now is the time to start! The easiest way is to create lists to find people who have participated in campus-specific activities at each of your different campuses, such as being checked in at a certain location, registered for an event, or donated to a campus-specific fund.

Before you run this list, choose the new list option to Include all Household Members so your list will include its normal results plus all the members of the individuals’ households. Once the list has gathered its results, run a bulk action to assign everyone to the correct campuses.

The new profile page design is officially live, so have fun making updates and creating profiles!

Until next time!
Team People