The profile page in our People application is getting a makeover! Here is a sneak peek of the updated design, along with the three biggest benefits coming to you on May 1st!

Less Scrolling

One of the goals of our redesign is to make all of the most important information about every person in your church immediately visible as soon as you enter their profiles. We consolidated some of this information into three dropdowns on the top of the page, as well as a new section on the right side.

The Personal Information section also got a refresh. What used to be an extended, spaced out page of forms is now a compact section in the center of the page, with an improved Social Profiles section right underneath.

More Actionable

When you are in someone’s profile, you are there to accomplish something—either to learn about the person or to make changes to his or her profile. On the new profile page the most commonly needed and changed information in People profiles will be in the new dropdowns at the very top of the page.

  • Membership Status: The chosen status will be shown in the bottom. If a change needs to be made, you can use the dropdown menu and click Manage Status.
  • Background Checks: The status of a person’s background check will be obvious by the color of the badge icon—grey if incomplete, orange if expired, red if not clear, and green if clear! If you want to know the history of the background check, select View Details from the dropdown.
  • Profile Status: If you need to change permissions, merge a profile, delete a profile, or set someone as inactive, you can make the change in the dropdown of the gear icon.

In addition to the dropdowns, this section includes a snapshot of the individual’s life, including marital status, gender, and age.

We also updated the profile name/photo to make it more useful. The preferred email and phone number specified in the Personal Information section are right beneath the name and are clickable so you can get in touch with your congregation within the application!

Big Picture

So many things, parts of past experiences and relationships, come together to help make us who we are. One of the bigger contributing factors to who we are is our family, which is why in the new profile page there is a dedicated Households section. All of the key information about household members—name, age, and grade—is now visible from within individual’s profiles. No more clicking through to each profile to find out how old someone’s kids are!

The purpose of People profiles is to be a hub of information you need to support, love, encourage, and connect with the people in your church. We hope these changes will empower you to be even more successful as you reach out to people!

The new layout will be live on May 1st! Let us know what you think!

Team People