Sometimes the small changes can make a big impact, and the new updates we made to Lists will save you a lot of time!

Duplicating a List, Rule, or Condition

If you find yourself tediously creating similar lists with just small differences between them, you’ll love this! From the list of Lists, click a list’s new new duplicate icon to create a brand new list with all the rules of the original. You can also duplicate the list from a link in the list’s Actions dropdown.

While you’re in there setting up your list, notice the new buttons to duplicate Rules and Conditions to make creating lists much easier.


There is a new condition in Lists to find anyone who is in another list. Lists based on lists—listception.

Got a big complicated list to find all of your members with activity in the last 6 months, and now you want to find just the men in that list? Easy peasy!

Enjoy your new list-making superpowers!

—The People Team