Every house has a junk drawer where we put those random things we don’t quite have a place for. Mine is in my kitchen. Inside it are a few pens, a jar of marbles, some coupons, and hardware for that broken door I keep telling my wife I’ll fix.

Why am I talking about junk drawers? Because most apps have them too. In Planning Center People, our junk drawer can be opened by clicking on the gear icon on the list of People. It looks like this:

Gear icon dropdown with bulk action options.

Some of these items are right at home under a gear on the People page—Import, Export, and Bulk Actions are all right where I’d expect to find them. Duplicate Detector is little iffy, but Background Checks and Notes? There has to be a better home for them. Since we’ve already had our two weeks of winter here, it is time for some (San Diego) Spring Cleaning.

We created a new Dashboard with all the information from the old one plus some new links and widgets to provide you with quick access to the features you use the most.

Planning Center People dashboard with widgets.

We are always listening to our users and dreaming up ways to make our apps more useful for you. We have a lot more planned for the People Dashboard, but we’ll have to wait a bit while we finish building out some other great stuff first.

More soon! Team People