You are busy, your team is busy, so sometimes even in the most organized of Workflows, tasks can still be overlooked.

Today we released Expected Response Times, a new Workflows feature designed to help you communicate to assignees when you expect specific tasks completed, and to send reminders if something's been overlooked.

Now you can set a deadline for a step in a workflow by checking the box next to Expected Response Time at the bottom of the step's settings screen.

New Settings

Once you’ve checked that box, a form will open up for you to specify how many days until the task is due.

New Settings

If the step has not been completed for a card by the deadline, the assignee will be notified by email, and the task will be tagged with a red warning showing the number of days it is past due until it is completed.

Overdue Card

Now you can help your staff stay on top of tasks by gently alerting them of your expectations and have the time and freedom to focus on your own responsibilities.