In the past few weeks, Planning Center People's mobile app for iOS and Android has been updated not once, but twice!

First the navigation menu was re-jiggered to match the main navigation on the desktop site. That made some room for the new People tab, where you can browse all of the people in your database from a single spot, and has some great options for filtering and sorting.

Then the app got something we've been wanting for a long time... password management! Now the People app can't be your excuse to keep using "password" as your password. On iOS, the app now supports 1Password and Safari shared logins (shared logins in iOS 11 only). On Android we've implemented a Saved Users feature to store your log in credentials on your device, very similar to how it works on Planning Center Services for Android. (Don't forget you can always use the 1Password custom keyboard).

But that's not all! Workflow campuses and categories are now fully supported so that you can filter your list of workflows, just like on the desktop.

If you haven't updated yet, you can get it right now on the Apple App Store or Google Play.