Deep, fruitful connection with the people in your church is a result of your ability to meet them where they are — serving their needs, rejoicing in their victories, and loving them in a way they can receive.

Oftentimes the people in your church have already communicated to someone in the church the joys and challenges in their life, but now where is the information? Maybe on a prayer request card, or a staff member’s Post-It note?

Introducing the newest feature in People: Notes!

Notes is a protected place in each person’s People profile for you to organize the information they share with you. Use notes to familiarize yourself with who the members of your congregation are and what they need so you can establish connection with them.

Create a Note
You can create a note by clicking on the Notes button on the sidebar of a person’s profile and then on Add a Note.

New Note

When you create a note, you can select one of the two pre-created categories (General or Prayer Requests) from the drop down menu.

Select Category

If you want to create a custom category, click Manage Note Categories.

Manage Categories

The Notes Page
You can see all of the notes in your church’s People account by clicking on gear menu from the main People tab, and then Notes at the bottom of the drop down menu. All of the notes will be listed here with the most recent note at the top.


Then you can filter the notes by category by selecting which category of notes you want to see from the drop down menu on your Notes homepage. This is a great way to keep a eye out for new prayer requests!

New Settings

The visibility of each note categories can be limited to groups or individuals, just like Workflows or Lists. For example, notes in the Prayer Request category may contain personal information that you only want specific teams to see, like your prayer or leadership team.

New Settings

The ages, life-stages, attendance, and giving records of the people in your congregation are only a reflection of who they are as people, and play a small part in how you choose to minister to them. People have thoughts, emotions, needs, past experiences, and hopes for the future that should profoundly impact how you reach out to them.

Happy note-writing!