We've wanted to build a text messaging solution directly into Planning Center People for a long time now, but we've been kind of busy with some other things, and our list of ideas keeps getting longer. That's why we were so excited to find out that Clearstream, an online text messaging provider, has built their own integration with Planning Center!

Clearstream is a great tool for sending text messages. You can use it to send out a reminder about an event, inform everyone in your church of important news, or follow-up one on one with individuals. Your entire church can finally be just a text message away.

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My Favorite Clearstream Features

Planning Center Sync
Sync list results from Planning Center People directly into subscriber lists in Clearstream for texting later. Want to send a text to all the parents of fifth graders? Build the list in People, sync it to Clearstream, and done!

Keywords and Shortcodes
Your congregation can send a text with a keyword that you've chosen to get more information. You could ask visitors to send a "Hello" text for welcome information or "Retreat" to sign up for the Men's Retreat (the men at my church notoriously wait until the last minute to sign up, maybe this will help!)

Have a two-way text message conversation with anyone, right from inside Clearstream.

The Price
Clearstream's pricing is in line with what Planning Center customers have grown accustomed to (that is, surprisingly affordable!). They have a forever free plan, and their paid plans start at just $9/month.

Go check them out!

Clearstream is available to US based customers and Canadian customers with a limited feature set.