We are excited to introduce our most highly requested integration -- with Planning Center Registrations and Check-Ins.



AssignmentsAll filters you create in your Registrations Assignments will automatically be carried over to Locations inside of Check-Ins. This is great for things like camps or Vacation Bible School where you want to assign certain people to groups or cabins, and have Check-Ins automatically direct them to the right location when they arrive. In Check-Ins, you will be able to switch between each of your team assignments, and each student will automatically be suggested for that location.


Check-Ins will also show any alerts that might exist as part of the registration. If someone is missing their release forms, has a payment due, or is missing any required information, you’ll see an alert right in Check-Ins.


Check In Everyone

Not only does this handle assigned registrants, but it’ll take care of all the people that come to your event on that day. If they’re assigned, it’ll automatically put them into their assigned location. If they have registered, but are not assigned, it’ll suggest their location based on the filters in each assignment. And, if they haven’t registered at all, you can still check them in, but it’ll automatically set them as a guest to help differentiate between them with labels, and/or easily run reports of those who didn’t register.

Check in everyone

Get Started

To get started, you’ll need to have administrator permissions in both Registrations and Check-Ins. If that’s you, you’ll see a Check In button in Registrations.

To learn more details about this feature, check out our Integration Article.

The Future

As with all things Planning Center, we’ll continue to improve and refine how this integration and all future integrations will work. One of the most obvious improvements will be to add support for other Station types, especially Self Stations. However, we’d love to hear from you on it first! Please keep letting us know how you use it, how it’s helpful, and how it can help even more. We’ll keep listening, and we’ll keep on iterating 🙂 .


P.S. We have a pretty active Slack Community Channel, who helped beta test this feature. I want to give a special shout out to that group of people, as well as the one that made the fun Checkistrations logo for us at the end of the video… with bacon!