We've got a couple quick updates to lists to make your life easier!

New: Nothing!

One of the most common uses for lists is to find people who don't have any recent activity so that you can follow up with them or mark their profile as inactive. This update will make that a little bit easier! Here's how:

Before, you'd create a list that looks something like this:

Exclude All

Make sure your rule is set to find people who match all those conditions, not any of those conditions. But since all those conditions are set to 'exclude', this whole thing is just getting kind of confusing. (In fact we realized how confusing this was when someone on our team misunderstood it and accidentally set all the profiles in our staff account to inactive. I was glad to find it was an accident when I could no longer log into my Planning Center Staff account!)

Now there's a much easier to understand option: None. A rule can find all of the profiles that match none of the conditions.

matching none

The results from this rule are the exact same results as in the before photo, but it's a lot easier to understand. (Also, you can't exclude conditions when this is set to none because that's way confusing.)

Much, Much, Faster Lists

But wait, there's more! We reworked some of the internals in lists to make refreshing them much faster... like an order of magnitude faster. A list that used to take 5 minutes to refresh now takes somewhere around 30 seconds. I apologize to everyone who used that time to get themselves a cup of coffee, you'll have to drink it much faster now.

We've got some more big features in the works that I can't wait to show you! Remember, you can keep posted by following us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.