Our integration with Checkr to provide background checks launched just a couple months ago, and it's been a huge hit! (Check out the announcement if you don't know what I'm talking about). With a lot of feedback and a little time, background checks are even better today. Here's some of the most important improvements we've made.

More Access

At first, only organization administrators could access background checks in Planning Center People. That meant that in order for a volunteer in your children's ministry to order a background check for a new volunteer, they'd have to have the highest level of permissions. But not anymore! Now you can give access to any individual or permission level to view and order background checks.

Auto Expiring Checks

Most churches that run background checks also have a policy for how long a background check is valid. Now you can automatically expire background checks after they reach a certain age! Expired background checks will prevent people from being scheduled to secure teams in Services or checked in to rooms that require background checks in Check-Ins.

Since it would be bad for a volunteer's check to expire before you get a chance to order a new one, we've added some conditions to Lists to help you keep on top of checks that will expire soon. You could even use automations to automatically add someone to a workflow when it is time to order their new background check.

These new features are available from the background check overview page, which you can access by choosing "Background Checks" from the gear menu on the people page.

For all the details, check out our documentation.