A couple of new tools in workflows are going to make your life easier, the sun shine brighter, and prevent hair loss. More importantly, they'll help your ministry be more effective.

Workflows are a handy tool that churches are using to keep on top of all they do. They’re used to track and delegate tasks like following up with visitors, training new volunteers, and ensuring that people who need pastoral care are getting it.

When you add someone to a workflow, a card is created to track the tasks, notes, and complete history of that person's journey through the workflow. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of cards created and millions of tasks tracked and completed by your teams. Now, when you create a card and add someone to a workflow, you'll see a couple of changes to make it easier to get those tasks assigned to the right people.

First, you'll now be able to change who the card will be assigned to before it's created. No more having to open the new card up and reassign it.

Second, if you find yourself constantly reassigning cards as they move through your workflow, or you have a bunch of workflows with the same steps but different assignees, you'll love pinned assignments.

New Workflow Card

When an assignment is pinned, the card will keep it's assignee as it moves through each step, even if the default assignee for that step is someone else. The card will stay with that assignee for better or for worse, richer or poorer (or until you uncheck the "pin assignment" checkbox).

These two little changes will help streamline your processes and keep your database nice and tidy. To learn more about workflows, check out our complete video and written documentation.