Our team finished version 1.5 before I could even write the blog post for 1.4. So here's a double dose of updates for you!

Edit Your Households
First up — now you can manage the members of a household right from your phone! When a new family is at your church, you can use the app to capture everything you’ll need to know about them. And just like in the desktop site, our app supports assigning someone to multiple households so that your data stays accurate, and when used with Check-Ins, your children stay secure.Activity Feeds
Activity Feeds provide a timeline of someone's involvement in your church using data from all of our Planning Center apps. Headed to a counseling session and want to know a little more about the person before you begin? Or trying to jog your memory about where it was you last saw someone? Now Activity Feeds can help any where you are.

Last but not least, you can now see every workflow a person has ever started from the Workflows tab on their profile. And my favorite part: you can assign that person to new workflows right from the app.

Just like every release of Planning Center People's app, the newest version is available right now for both iOS and Android.