Happy New Year!

2017 has arrived, bringing with it much excitement for what’s to come. We have so many ideas that we'll get to work on, several new team members to collaborate with, and even more churches to serve. Today, I want to highlight a few small changes we've made while we put the final touches on some major updates coming soon.

Send Basic Emails Easier

We've added a new way to contact a member of your church. Now you can click on the email icon at the top of their profile page to send them an email directly. These emails will show up in the Communications tab on that person's profile so that your team will always have a record of that message.

Delete (and Undelete!) Workflows

Previously, as a safety measure we only allowed workflows to be deleted that didn't have any cards in them. We didn't want someone to accidentally delete years of history for potentially thousands of profiles with just one or two poorly planned clicks. But sometimes you really do need to delete a workflow altogether. So now we've added a delete button in the settings area of every workflow. But if you (or someone else on your team) deletes a workflow that shouldn't have been deleted, you'll be able to recover it for up to a week from the time it was deleted.

Better Age Calculations

We know first hand that part of being in ministry is serving people while they go through the hardest of times. Recently, someone pointed out a small quirk on our profile page that just didn’t feel right. The age displayed for a deceased church member would never stop going up. Now profiles that have their inactive reason set as 'deceased' will always show the age that the person was when their profile was set inactive.

More To Come

We've got several big features in development now, and an even longer list of ideas of that we want to get to this year. To hear about everything as it happens, keep an eye out here on the blog, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.