Churches that use Planning Center have access to a ton of incredibly powerful data about the people in their church. When you understand a person's history of serving, attendance, and even giving, you’ve got another tool in your belt to help you serve that person better.

All this information is powerful, valuable, and sensitive. The people in your church have entrusted you with their personal information and it’s up to you to keep it somewhere safe. We’ve always considered the security of your data to be of utmost importance and today we’ve added another method to help keep it safe. Introducing Touch ID and passcode support for Planning Center People’s mobile apps.

Once you update you’ll be walked through the process of either enabling Touch ID or a passcode, depending on your device’s support. (For now we only support passcode and not Fingerprint on Android). When enabled, you’ll occasionally be asked to authenticate when you open the app.

You can get the latest version from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store right now. And of course the mobile apps are still free, just like Planning Center People is and always will be.