With the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra comes Apple Pay for Web, the fastest way to pay for online purchases using Touch ID! As soon as Apple announced this feature, we knew we'd want to support it in all of our applications.

The Good News
Registrations now supports Apple Pay for Web! When someone registers for one of your events using an iPhone or iPad on iOS 10, or a Mac running macOS Sierra, they'll find the option to pay using their Apple Pay linked credit or debit card. There’s nothing extra you need to do to get started, it’s available now.

The Sorta Bummer News
Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to implement Apple Pay for Giving. According to Apple's Acceptable Use Guidelines, the "collection of charitable donations" falls into the prohibited use category. You can be sure that if Apple changes their stance on this policy, we'll be the first church management system to enable it for all of our customers.