The wait is over! With the latest version of Planning Center People’s mobile app, you can create and edit profiles right on your iOS or Android device. Hurrah!

Imagine a visitor to your church stops by your information booth. Instead of filling out a piece of paper that you'll have to deal with later (or maybe not...), you can enter it all in on your phone or tablet right then and there. In addition to recording basic contact and demographic information, you’ll be able to fill out your custom fields! My favorite part is that you can even use the camera to snap a picture of the person so you'll never forget what they look like.

We've also snuck one other big thing into this update. The app is now enabled for iPads, so now you can run the app on any iOS or Android device you've got. (Don’t forget that Android tablets have always been supported! :) )

You can download the latest version right now from the App Store or Google Play.