Today, we have some tasty new updates to Planning Center Groups. This week it's all about events!

Repeating events

Repeating events are here! Now you can schedule events to repeat every week, every-other-week*, every month, or every year. When editing a repeating event, you can delete or make changes to a single occurrence without affecting the rest in the series. Repeating events are available to anyone editing events: that means administrators on the admin side of Groups or group leaders who have logged into their group page.

Event pages & event descriptions

Each event now has its very own page, making it easier to share information about that specific event on social media or email. While on an event page, a visitor can see the event's location, jump to the full group calendar, or read a detailed description for the event. The new event description area is a your place to put the event schedule, parking instructions, or anything else you need to communicate.

Rich text editor

We've always had an area where an admin (or a group leader) can write a description for the group. It was just kinda boring. Now, you can add rich text (headings, bold text, links, lists, etc) to the group descriptions on group pages. This same rich text editor is also available on the event descriptions on the new event pages.

Use the Editor tab to style your text as you write your content. If you're familiar with Markdown, switch over to the Markdown tab to do some more advanced editing (embedding external images, different size headings, multi-level lists, block quotes, etc). For the rich text editor, we specifically chose one that was flexible but limited. This way, it's actually hard for your group leaders to... how do I say this... "Myspace" their group pages and event pages.

We're excited to get all this work into your hands. Over time, we'll iterate on these features and make them even more powerful.

Jeremy and all of Team Groups