Your church is your people, and everyone has a story. When you know that story, you’ll be better equipped to do what you do best: love and serve these people. Today we've released a brand new tool to show these stories so that you can do your ministry even better. It’s called "Activity Feeds."

Regardless of which Planning Center applications you use, you’re already using a free, powerful database management system: PCO People. It sits at the center of our church management suite and stores all sorts of basic information about the people in your church. If your church uses any of our other apps, such as Services or Check-Ins, you have access to information about these people's activity in your church, such as when they volunteer or bring their children to church.

Activity Feeds gather all this information into one place so that you can quickly read these stories and understand how a person has engaged with your church.

It's easy to see Bob's story unfold. We can see when Bob first visited our church, when he brought his kids and securely checked them in, when he first donated, when he registered Susie for summer camp, and when he started singing in the church worship band.

How it works

From someone's profile page, click on the new Activity tab on the left. In addition to seeing activity across all PCO applications, you'll also see a history of changes to personal information. You'll see a record of what the change was, who made it, and when. Of course, all of this data is still protected by the same permission levels that have always existed. (For example, only Giving admins will be able to see donation history in an activity feed.)

This feature represents a ton of hard work from our teams, and we're so proud to finally get this in your hands today.

Team PCO People