Over the last few weeks we’ve been burning the midnight oil to crank out a few important updates and features. We’ve had five major People features released and a couple more approaching on the horizon. But enough about the future, let’s take a look at what’s ready to go right now: Introducing auto-refreshing lists and automatic actions.

Auto-refreshing lists

We know you’ve been clicking that refresh button all the time, so you’ll feel refreshed with this fresh new update… Auto-refresh! I think I tried too hard on that sentence.

PCO People will automatically refresh this list every night at 2am. Here’s a few ideas that we’ve thought through for how you might use this:

  • A Birthday List that automatically refreshes for the current month.
  • You can have a list of “Elementary Students” that automatically adds any new students between 1st - 5th Grade.
  • Show a list of children who have checked in before but haven’t since January 1st.

So now we have auto-refreshing lists. Seems like a nice, basic feature. But, there’s more! Like cheez-its and almonds, auto-refreshing lists pairs exquisitely with the second feature of this update...


Automations are any action that you’d like to automatically perform on lists. These actions will be performed immediately after a list is refreshed. So that could be every night after 2am if you’re auto-refreshing the list or right after you’ve manually refreshed a list.

Planning Center People automations dashboard with actions drop-down menu.

Here are a few ideas we have for Automations:

  • If someone has checked in more than 3 times since January, set their status to “Member”.
  • When someone donates for the first time, send them to a “new donors” workflow.
  • If it’s the first time someone has checked in or registered, drop that person into a Visitors workflow.
  • If someone has completed a background check step in a workflow, automatically add a custom field that says they’ve completed the background check, and also add a “background check” tag in Services.

We hope you can see the flexibility of the new auto-mazing features. The possibilities are endless! We can’t wait to see the awesome ideas that our customers discover.

Until next time,
- Team PCO People