Workflows have been one of the most popular features we've ever launched, and now they’re even better! This week we've added three huge updates to make workflows more powerful.

Save Your Cards for Later

A common pattern in workflows is to wait a certain amount of time before performing the next action on a card. For example, you might want to call a first time visitor the day after they come to church, then send them an email a week later. With snoozing you can tell that card to hide itself and come back when you'll be ready for it.

To make it even easier, we've added auto-snoozing to steps in workflows so that every card will get snoozed once it reaches that step.

When cards become un-snoozed, the assignee will receive a notification email so that they know that the card is now ready for them.

Private Workflows

Another way we've made workflows even more flexible is by allowing you to control who can see a workflow and its cards. Previously, any administrator in your PCO People account with permissions of Viewer or higher could see every card in every workflow for every person in your account. This is probably fine if you're only using workflows to track your first time visitors, but what about counseling sessions or any other kind of process that may have some privacy implications? Now you can fine tune exactly who has access to a workflow using the new privacy settings section.

Workflow privacy settings work the same way privacy settings work for your custom tabs. You can limit access to the workflow by permission level, or share it with specific people. If someone does not have access to a workflow, they won't see it listed on the workflows tab, or see any cards from that workflow on a person’s profile.

Email Directly from a Card

If your workflows include a step to send an email, you’re going to love this one! We've added a new tab next to notes to send an email to the person that will let you send an email right from the card that will be saved in the card's history. The best part? When the person replies their reply will also be stored in the card and you'll receive a notification email. (If someone sends sensitive information you'd rather not have on the card, you can always remove these messages later.)

snoozed card

We're really excited to see how our users have been helped by workflows so far, and we're thrilled to get these new features in your hands. If you have any questions or feedback, please hit us up in any of the usual ways!

Until next time,
— Team PCO People

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