Workflows aren't the only thing we've been working on lately! We've got two more helpful features to show off today.

Bulk Update Anybody

Last September we made it really easy to update all the members of a list at one time. Now you can harness that same power to quickly update anybody, whether or not they are on a list.

snoozed card

Just open up the Bulk Action tool from the People tab, select people by searching for them by name, then choose an action. You can use actions to set membership types and custom fields or to add people to workflows. You can even work in other apps to register people for events in PCO Registrations or set their tags in PCO Services.

More details are available in our documentation.

Custom Membership Types

New churches from all around the world fire up Planning Center for the first time every day and, as it turns out, they're all different! PCO People has always allowed you to customize the way you store information about your church with custom tabs and fields on a profile page, but suspiciously absent was the ability to customize your membership types. Not anymore! Now you are free to call your church's members teammates, comrades, homiez, or my personal favorite: swashbucklers. The world is your oyster here, so don't hold back!

Membership Statuses can be customized by anyone with Manager permissions from the Customize Fields page. If you have been using a field in a custom tab to keep track of membership types, we recommend you use lists and bulk actions to easily migrate your data.

Until next time!
— Team PCO People