We've got more features in development for PCO Registrations, and we need to make some room for them! Before today, a user's contact info, personal information (such as their age and grade), registration history, and administrative permissions were all crammed into one itty-bitty popup box. But now profiles have grown up, moved out of their parent's, and got a place all on their own.

These new pages give you access to more information about the person's registrations, and include an all-new section to show every payment and refund in this person's history.

While we were at it, we refreshed the event pages to a cleaner, fresher, lighter look.

We've got more features for you in development right now that will make even more use of this new space in the profile pages, keep an eye out for more coming soon! To keep up with all the latest news for PCO Registrations, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. For the latest news on all our apps, including People, Check-Ins, Giving, Resources, and Services, follow the general PlanningCenter account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.