When a new person, let’s call him Dave, visits your church, how do you follow up with him? Maybe you give him a call, mail him a welcome packet, and then invite him to your open house. But how do you remember to follow up with Dave? Keeping track of all that can be a nightmare! Especially when you try to delegate those tasks out to your teams.

Today we’re launching our solution for you. Workflows is the newest feature in our free app for managing your church, Planning Center People. We think you'll love this so much, we even made a video to introduce you to it.

What is a Workflow?

Three different workflow options with a button to add someone to a workflow.A workflow is a series of steps that you walk the people in your church through. You could have a workflow for becoming a member, one for people interested in volunteering in a ministry, or one for following up with people who have been missing for a while. The steps in your workflow are defined by you and can be anything you want, such as “send welcome email” or “run background check.”

When you add someone to a workflow, their progress through the workflow is stored in a card. This card stores all the relevant history for this person and is a convenient place to keep track of notes about your interactions so that anyone on your team can be on the same page.

A new visitor workflow card with a history of next steps to follow up on them with.

To help make sure nobody falls through the cracks, cards are always assigned to someone on your team so that everyone knows who is responsible for taking the next step. You can always reassign a card to a new person, and even automatically reassign a card to a certain person for each step. You'll receive an email letting you know when there are cards for you to work on.

We're thrilled to get this initial release of Workflows out and in your hands so it can help you do your ministry more effectively. We've still got plenty planned to make Workflows even more powerful, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

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