You know what's even better than an awesome new feature in PCO Registrations? Two awesome new features!

Event Managers

Up first is the oft-requested feature for more granular administrator permissions. Before today, administrator permissions were a take-it-or-leave-it proposition — a user could either admin every event in your account, or none of them. But today we fix that! Now you can add Event Managers to a single event from the event's settings page. Event Managers will be able to log in to PCO Registrations to manage the events they've been assigned to, but won't even see any other events.

Multiple Event Times

Next, we've added the ability to have more than a single time for your event! This is going to make it much easier to describe events like classes that happen every Tuesday night for a few weeks, or a VBS that happens every morning for a week. Now all the event's times will be listed on the event's public registration page, and we've taken a little time to clean that page up to make the experience even better for your attendees.

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