PCO Registrations is already helping churches manage all the aspects of accepting online registrations and payments for their events. Now it's getting even better by starting to help you manage some of the tedious offline aspects as well!

Many events require the attendees to fill out some kind of additional paperwork like liability release forms or emergency contact info sheets. Often these forms can't be handled digitally for whatever reason, and so it's up to you to keep track of who has turned all their forms in and who hasn't, and how are you going to do that? An Excel spreadsheet? Come on, we can do better. Forms in Registrations are here!

Now you can upload a PDF of these forms for your attendees to download. When they turn in that paperwork, you can mark in Registrations that it was received and you'll always know which attendees are ready to go and which ones still need to get their papers in!

As your event gets closer, you may have a bunch of people who still haven't turned in their forms. You could hunt them all down between services. Or instead you can send them a reminder email with links to download the forms they need to turn in.

Our mission is to help you manage the all details about the people attending your events so that you can spend more time doing the most important parts of your ministry. We know this will help, and we're really excited about some more great features coming soon!