We’ve added some great new features to how you create and share your lists!

Excluded Conditions

First, we’ve added a way to exclude people who match certain criteria from your lists. Now each condition has a badge that indicates if the people matching that condition will be included or excluded in the rule’s results. Clicking on the badge will toggle between include and exclude. You can use this feature to find everyone who has a certain team assignment in Services but didn’t attend the training, or find everyone who registered for an event but never checked in. The only limit is your imagination. :)

New Sharing Options

Next up is a great new way to share a list with everyone on your team. In the “Shared with” section of your list, now you can choose to share the list with everyone in your Planning Center account who has a certain permission level in PCO People.

We’re excited about these improvements, and we’ve got some more great stuff in the pipeline for our next update. See you then!