We've added a great new feature to PCO Registrations that will make your events more affordable for everyone. Keeping track of money that is given to your event through a donation or contributed through fundraisers can be difficult without the right tools, especially if that money gets split amongst lots of different attendees. But now you can use PCO Registrations to solve all of those problems in a new feature called Scholarships.

Scholarships are a lump sum of money that can be divvied up amongst the people attending your event however you see fit. For example, your youth group may host a fundraiser by washing cars and use the proceeds from that fundraiser to fund a scholarship. In this example our youth raised $335 by washing cars last weekend. Great job youth!

When Johnny Cook registered for camp he was only able to pay the minimum deposit, but we'd like to help him out with the balance. So we can apply a credit to his registration from the scholarship fund the same way we'd apply a payment. The balance is now paid, the scholarship fund still has some money left for other attendees, and Johnny gets to go to camp.

Scholarships are one of my favorite features in PCO Registrations because they're a shining example of how PCO Registrations is designed and built with the very specific needs of churches in mind, just like all of the apps in the PCO family. We're really happy to get this in your hands and know it will make a difference in your ministry.