We've got a major update to PCO Registrations that's just in time for your summer events. With these new features your attendees can make a deposit on an event and make additional payments later. Let me show you how it works!

First, we'll enable partial payments for a type of attendee. We're going to set the minimum deposit for our campers to $100.

When someone registers as a camper they'll have new payment options: they can pay the minimum deposit of $100, pay the entire balance of $250, or a custom amount in between.

Once the camper has paid their deposit they'll receive an email with details about their registration and a link to go back to make an additional payment or pay the entire balance.

This next feature probably isn't for you since I'm sure nobody at your church would ever forget to finish paying for their registration. But for the rest of us there's now a new email option called "Balance Due Reminder" which can be used to remind people that they have a balance due. These reminders will be sent to the person who created the registration, and can be sent for every registration with a balance due, every registration that has not yet received a reminder, or every registration that hasn't received a reminder within a certain amount of time. You also have the ability to send a reminder to a single registration from the registration info page.

All the details are available in our documentation.

If you aren’t using Planning Center Registrations, you should check it out and see what you have been missing. For those already using Registrations we hope you enjoy these new features; we have lots more planned and already under development for you.

Daniel and PCO Registrations Team