PCO People has some great new features to improve the way you store important information about the people in your congregation and to keep your data nice and tidy.

Communication History

On every person’s profile you can navigate to the new “Communications” tab to see the last three months worth of emails and text messages that have been sent through any Planning Center app to that person. As an added bonus, any bounced messages will be displayed in red so that you’ll know the person didn’t receive them.

File Your Files in Your Profiles

Next up is a way to attach a file to anybody’s profile. We've added a new type of custom field for storing files. This is a great way to keep track of things like volunteer applications, background check results or membership covenants. You can combine custom files with lists to find everyone in your church who does or doesn’t have that file attached to their profile.

Profile Merging

The last feature to show off today lets you take two different profiles in your database and merge them into one. If a volunteer was entered into Services as Bob Johnson but later was added to Check-Ins as Robert Johnson you’ll end up with data about the same person split across two different profiles. Now we’ve created a way to merge those two profiles together and keep track of all their scheduling, check-in, and registration history. More details are available in our documentation.

We’re thrilled to see how many churches are already getting more organized and better equipped to do their ministry using PCO People, and there’s tons of new updates in the works to keep making the app better. Thank you for allowing us to partner with your ministry!

Daniel and the PCO People Team