We hope you and your church had a great Easter and that you've gotten a chance to rest up! While you were recovering from your busiest day of the year we've been hopped up on Cadbury Eggs and jelly beans making some great new features in Registrations just for you. They were too big to fit in your Easter basket, so you'll have to just take a look at them here instead.

A Better Confirmation Page

It’s spring, so we've done a little house cleaning on the last page that your attendees see when they register for your event. We've consolidated all the summary, discount, and payment options over to the sidebar, along with a little work to make it prettier. Besides streamlining the checkout process for your attendees, this sets the stage for some new features that are currently in development. I can't talk about them now or I won't have anything to say in the next blog post, but I’m very excited to show you soon. (First person to correctly guess in the comments what those features might be wins 10 free internet points!)

More Payment and Refund Details

Your list of payments is now a list of payments and refunds. When you click on an item in the list you'll be able to see all of the relevant details about the transaction and helpful links to get more information about the registration, person, or Stripe transaction. It's like accounting in easy mode!

Publicizing Early Bird Discounts

Wouldn't it be great if people who are considering signing up for your event could know when any early bird discount expires and how much it will cost them if they wait? We thought so too, so we added a little label on the event page to let them know.

(A personal note: this feature seems so simple on the surface, but underneath hides a labyrinth of complexity. We always want your registrants to receive the best rate that they can possibly get, regardless of how many different types of discounts there are, or when they expire. So this involved a lot of work to get right! I'm really proud of how talented our development team is, and we're all really happy to help the signups for your events go smoothly.)

Better Reporting

Getting information into Registrations has always been great, and now we're shifting some of our development effort towards getting information back out up to the same standard. We have some big changes to reports in the works, but in the mean time we've added a couple quick items to both of our existing reports. The first item is a summary of all the multiple choice and yes / no questions for your event has been added to the overview report so that you can easily see at a glance how many people needed an XL t-shirt or the gluten free menu option. The second item is a new column for add-ons in the guest list report making it easy to figure out who is going snowboarding.

I know you'll enjoy these new features, and we're really excited to see how many churches have already started making their events better by using PCO Registrations.

Happy Planning!
Daniel and the PCO Registrations Team