Since its release 2 weeks ago, we've added quite a few great new features to PCO People. If you're interested in hearing about each of these features as they are released, follow PCOPeople on Twitter or Facebook. Otherwise, we'll wait until we have a couple things ready and detail them here in our blog. Here's what's new:

New List Conditions

When creating Lists based on data in your account, you add conditions to filter your results. We've added new filtering options to those conditions. For the People app, you can use the dates a person was created or updated, and get people based on whether or not they are in Households or other Planning Center Applications. For PCO Services, you can get the date of the last plan they are scheduled for.

Household List Results

After you set up your list conditions, you usually want to see the exact results, but sometimes you want to see other people in the Household instead. At the bottom of the edit list page are new options on which people should be in your list. The default option is the exact matches to your rules, but you can also choose to return adults in the Household, children in the Household, or the primary contact of the Household. If you choose adults or children, you also have the option to return the exact match if there are no adults or children in the Household. By changing your List results, you can now export a CSV of other people in the Household. However sometimes you still want your List to actually be the children in the Household so you can get the rest of their information, but you want the contact data of the Household's Primary Contact, too. In that case, leave the list set to exact matches, but use our new report "Primary Contact Information". A better explanation and more details are available in this lesson.

Quick SMS

If you open PCO People on a mobile device and go to someone's profile, you'll see a new icon if the person has a mobile phone. Click the SMS icon and your device will switch to your text messaging app for quick texting.

Creating People from Households

Finally, we've made it much easier to get your Households set up. When you're editing a Household, if the person you are trying to add to the Household isn't already in your Planning Center account, you now have the option to add them right there without leaving the Household box.