We love seeing customers set up their Resources accounts in ways that make sense for their organization. One of the more heavily used features in Planning Center Resources are custom questions. Freeform room and resource questions help facilities managers gather the information they and their setup crews need. Here's what is new:

Sortable Questions

Now you can rearrange your questions after you've added them. Just give them the old drag-'n-drop to reorder the questions.

Question Groups

By adding section headings, you can create groups of related questions. The headings are also draggable.

Optional Questions

Now you can mark a question as optional if the requester isn't required to give an answer or make a selection.

New Question Type: Multi-Select

Traditional select boxes ask people to make a single selection from a series of options. With multi-select, well... you get it.

These features were based directly on customer feedback. Let us know what you think!