You might have noticed that the logo at the top left of Planning Center has changed. Not to worry, the Planning Center Online you know and love is still the same, but we're just branding it differently to help differentiate between our products.

If you follow our Facebook or Twitter feeds, you probably saw that we recently launched a new product called Planning Center Resources that manages your church's rooms, resources and approvals. It's an awesome product that is free to use through July 1 while we continue testing it and adding features. Check it out and sign up for the beta at

Because Planning Center has become a trusted name when it comes to great church software and the new Resources app integrates so closely with your existing Planning Center account, we decided that Resources should be part of Planning Center Online, just as a separate app. That meant that the app you were used to using and calling Planning Center (or PCO) was also its own app and needed its own name. Since it's used to plan & schedule your services, we decided to call it "Planning Center Services".

Planning Center Online is now a suite of online church applications that currently contains two products, Services & Resources. You might also be aware that we make a third product called Smart Events used for online event registrations and payments. Smart Events isn't currently part of the Planning Center family, but part of our new strategy is to integrate it as Planning Center Registrations in the future. For now, all existing users will now see the new Planning Center Services logo. Any user that has access to more than one app will also have a triangle icon next to the logo that will allow quick switching between apps.