Over the last couple of weeks, we've been rolling out some cool changes and additions to emails and reminders. Today we've added even more and wanted to make sure you know everything that's new.

New Email Design

Our emails have looked the same for many years and when we updated the look of Planning Center in January, we knew that emails needed a new look as well. Those are live as of right now and should provide a more cohesive experience. It should be easier to see your scheduling details, and each of our 3 types of emails (general, scheduling, reminder) gets its own tag to help you differentiate them at a glance.

Reminder Texts

Users have already been able to enable text messaging on their account to receive scheduling and general messages. We have now added Reminders as an additional option in your text message settings. Individual users must set this up for their own accounts.

Reminder Times

Until now, reminders were sent at 5am Pacific Time for all accounts. This is the main reason we didn't allow reminder texts in the past. We've changed it so that reminders are now sent at 10am in your local timezone. We've also made it easier to see exactly when the reminder will be sent by including the day of the week and the date in the reminder dropdown when you edit your times. In addition, you can now choose to send a reminder the day of your service.

Sent Emails

In addition to received emails, you can now see the emails you've sent (if you have permission to send emails). Your sent emails list will show how many people were sent that message. When you click the message, you'll see the specific people, and clicking on a person's name will show you the exact message they received.

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