Hello Everyone,

We have a lot of big things on the burner right now, but we wanted to get a couple of quick enhancements out to you because they don't really change anything, they just make it better.

Here are a couple of the changes:

Clean Up Of Facebook & Schedule pages

We have made a couple of minor enhancements to make those pages more readable & accessible, especially when you have Recurring Block Out Dates. Also, when you decline on the Facebook page it asks you for a reason.

Accept or Decline via TEXT!!!

If your phone supports replying to e-mail texts you can now reply to scheduling requests with either an ACCEPT, DECLINE or STOP (to stop receiving texts). Right now this is only for AT&T and Verizon because those are the only phone carriers we could test. If you would like this enabled for your carrier please e-mail smstest@planningcenteronline.com with your Carrier Name & Phone Number.

Also, if the reply doesn't say Accept, Decline or Stop then we will forward it to the person who sent the message.

That's about it! But tomorrow we have a HUGE announcement and a lot of other big things coming out over the next couple of months.

Thanks for all your support!

Jeff Berg Owner/Developer Ministry Centered technologies