We are very excited to introduce our newest feature, Facebook integration. For the past several months we have been learning about how to develop on top of the Facebook platform and thinking about the best way to do this integration. I am really happy with what we have come up with and I hope this helps your volunteers become more informed about when they will be serving. Let me go ahead and walk you through the integration process:

Install Planning Center Facebook Application

1.) Install the Planning Center Online Facebook App: You can install this by going to http://apps.facebook.com/planningcenter/ . We will shortly be adding a link to this from the Planning Center Online Dashboard & Schedule pages. Make sure you click "Allow".

Facebook Planning Center Linking

*2.) Enter In Your Login Information: *Enter in your e-mail address and password and we will link all accounts with that information to your Facebook Account.

*Planning Center Schedule On Facebook *

*3.) View Your Schedule: *This will show you all the dates you have accepted or have pending plus all the times you are scheduled for. You can also accept and decline from within Facebook.

Facebook Planning Center Notifications

*4.) Receive Facebook Notifications: *Whenever you are scheduled to serve, a notification will appear to alert you.

Person Facebook

*Bonus: *On everyone's Planning Center profile page a Facebook icon will appear on their record with a link to their Facebook profile. Also, when you are sending out scheduling e-mails you will see a Facebook Icon next to the people who have their Facebook accounts linked.