Hey Everyone,

I just posted an update with some cool features. First off, I have redone all of the code behind the dialogs, now they are more responsive and there are hotkeys. The hotkeys are only available when you are editing a plan, if you can think of another place to put them please let me know. Here are the hotkeys as of now:

Control + Alt + H = Add A Header Control + Alt + S = Add A Song Control + Alt + I = Add An Item Control + Alt + N = Add A Note Control + Alt + P = Add A Person Escape = Closes any open dialogs

Secondly, I have modified the file storage to use a new system that allows us to give better pricing on storage space. One thing you notice is that when you upload a file it will need to be transfered from our web server into the storage system so it might take a couple of seconds before it is available. This small drawback gives us the the ability to offer a lot more space (and we might increase it in the future as we see how it goes). You can see the new pricing at our sign-up page.

There are a bunch of other miscelaneous enhancements (like deleting a plan) and there will be a lot more later. Well that's it for now.

In Him,