We are all about helping churches stay on the same page with an all-in-one system to manage their ministries!

Now, we're making that possible for more of our churches worldwide by releasing our donation management product—Planning Center Giving—in Australia and New Zealand!

As a complement to this release, we’re offering all churches a free subscription to Giving for the duration of their contract with another church donation software, for up to 12 months.

Stuck in a Contract? Use Planning Center Giving for Free!

Switching to a new church donation software can be a pain! We want to make your transition to Giving as seamless and inexpensive as possible. 

So if you’re locked in a contract with another church donation software company, send us a copy of your contract and we’ll get you set up with Giving free for the remainder of your agreement, up to 12 months. 

That means the only cost you’ll incur is processing fees—and ours are the lowest available!

Save Money With Unbeatable Processing Fees

Churches have saved thousands of dollars on processing fees by switching to Giving! With those savings, you can invest more money into your ministries instead of paying excessive fees to banks and processing companies.

And everybody said? Amen.

Here’s a breakdown of the processing fees by country:

A break down of processing fees for Australia and New Zealand next to their flags and country shapes.

Switch to Giving now to start saving, and make it easy for your church to donate from the same place they engage with the rest of your ministry.

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