There can be so many events and giving opportunities that you want to share on your Church Center site and app. But you’ve had to manually update information on your custom pages in Publishing to do that. 

Using the new content blocks instead, you can automatically share ministry information from Planning Center products with your congregation!

We're kicking things off with these three product blocks: Giving, Calendar, and Registrations. Here’s how they work.

The Giving block is a game-changer for linking to your donation funds and setting up suggested donation amounts. 

The best part? The Giving block grabs all that info automatically. Just drop it on your page and you're set!

The Giving content block in Planning Center Publishing showing four different teal donation buttons.

Add Calendar Events to Your Custom Pages

The Calendar block lets you display a grid or list of upcoming events pulled straight from your Calendar account (as long as those events are tied to Church Center).

You can set the block to filter by things like:

  • A specific campus
  • Event category 
  • Date range
  • And more 

Then as you add new events in Calendar, they'll automatically populate on your site. You know what that means—you won’t have to keep updating your pages every time!

The Calendar content block in Planning Center Publishing showing images for four different events in a gallery view.

Showcase Event Signups on Your Custom Pages

The Registrations block is the Calendar block's twin, but for event signups. You can filter your signups and then those upcoming signups will appear on your pages. But do they update automatically? You bet. 😊

Both the Calendar and Registrations blocks are perfect for easily showcasing a subset of events and signups across your site with zero manual updating required. Talk about a time-saver!

These content blocks look great right out of the box with minimal formatting needed. We've made them match your existing styles seamlessly.

We're so excited to get these content blocks into your hands and would love to hear your ideas as you start using them. 

Here's to effortless content management!

🖤 Team Publishing & Church Center