No matter what area of ministry you’re serving in, you probably have some tasks that you have to do over and over. Whether you’re setting up a room for youth group, organizing materials for a Bible study, or everything in between, your task list is a lot to keep track of every.single.time.

With task list templates, you can make your task list just once, and then reuse it for your recurring events and projects!

Check out the video for a walk-through!

Create templates from scratch or existing lists

You can create a new template from scratch or use a list you already have. Once you make a template, you can just replicate that task list anytime you need one for a specific recurring event or project.

This means you can save time and be confident that everything is getting done without worrying if you forgot something.

Just like a task list, you can even collaborate on your template and assign things to people on your team.

A task list in for an even in Planning Center Home with a drop-down menu displaying the option to create a template.

But let’s say your facilities coordinator is organizing the sanctuary for some upcoming baptisms. The only difference is the baptisms are happening during your Easter service, so there are some other moving parts to consider.

No problem!

You can make changes to a new list for that event without affecting your template. The foundation is there, all you have to do is add anything extra that might be out of the norm.

Repeating tasks are now available, too!

With repeating tasks, you can set any task to automatically repeat itself on whatever schedule you need—daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, or annually!

Sometimes you need to do things on a very specific schedule. Maybe you want to audit your website once a quarter, send volunteer reminders every Thursday, or balance the church budget every Monday morning—repeating tasks will help you get things done right when you need to.

Happy task managing!

💙 The Home Team