Event request forms allow anyone in your congregation or community to ask to use your church for an event. 

And now you can add room and resource fields directly to your event request forms in Calendar, in any order you need! 

Check out the video to see what else you can do with event request forms!

With this update, there's no more needing to create event templates first. With just a few clicks, you can curate custom lists of rooms and resources for requesters to choose from. 

Want to allow multiple room selections? No problem! Prefer they only pick one resource at a time? You can set those limits, too.

When your congregants or staff fill out the form, they'll see the room and resource options you've provided. They can mix and match to get the perfect setup for their event—no more requesting a cookie-cutter package that might not be the best fit.

A Planning Center Calendar event request form with multiple field options and a drop-down menu for a room selection.

Once their request comes in, you can review the details in Calendar and make adjustments if you need to swap things around based on availability or other event details. Once everything looks good, approve it and let the planning begin!

Combined with our new conditional logic and form automation tools, you can really take event request forms to the next level. Maybe you want certain fields to appear based on the room selected? Or automatically assign the request to a specific team member? The possibilities are endless.

We're so excited about these additions because we’re confident they'll help kickstart connections within your community more easily than before. 

Whether you're planning church services, staff meetings, or small group socials, flexible event requests are going to be a game-changer.

So what are you waiting for? Update those forms and get flexible with your event requests!

❤️ Team Calendar