Today the church texting software company, Clearstream, released a feature built directly into Planning Center People. 

This is the first of many partnerships to build other companies' features into the Planning Center experience with our new Add-Ons API! 

We want to simplify the church's life by putting more of the tools they rely on into Planning Center—the place they do a lot of their day-to-day work.  

What are Add-Ons? 

Planning Center can do a lot, but we can’t do it all. 😉 There are a lot of other tools churches rely on to do ministry, many of which integrate with us

With our new Add-Ons API, we created a way for those companies (and churches!) to build those tools into Planning Center, just like Clearstream did. 

This way, churches can care for people the way they want to, and do it without the hassle of switching between multiple tools. 

Want to build your own add-on feature in Planning Center? 

We are excited to finally roll this technology out, and we anticipate many of you reading this are excited to start building into Planning Center! 

Does your company or church have an integration with us that you wish was more embedded into Planning Center? Do you have a developer on staff or an eager volunteer who likes to help out? 

Any individual developer or organization can apply to build an add-on in Planning Center! 

Fill out this form expressing your interest, and someone from our team will reach out to you with more information. But be patient! This is the very beginning of a new venture for us, and we’re still ramping things up. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what new features we can give our customers together in 2024! 

In the meantime, check out the Clearstream add-on—our sincerest thanks to them for being our guinea pig first partner on this new adventure. 

💙 Planning Center