Sometimes people miss a Sunday service and want to go back and listen to the sermon. Or maybe they were in the service, and they want to relisten to something profound or insightful they heard.

But with all of the apps out there and content reaching for their attention, it can be tough for people to get to the content they’re looking for.

Now you can make it easier for people to listen to your sermons by publishing them where they’re already listening to content—Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

How to Publish Your Sermons to Apple Podcasts and Spotify

In Publishing’s sermon channel settings, you’ll see the new “Audio podcast feeds” section.

The audio podcasts page in Publishing with Apple and Spotify URL fields.

From there you can add a custom podcast image (get creative!), a title, author, and much more. Once you’ve done that, copy your channel-specific podcast feed URL, and submit the feed to Apple Podcasts and Spotify to be added to their directories.

Once the feeds are accepted, Apple and Spotify will provide you with a URL to your audio on their platform. Then you can paste that link in the "Third-party podcast directory feed URL" field in Publishing.

Every time you add a new episode with your audio, we’ll automatically update your feeds and your Apple and Spotify listings will post those changes on their platform. Easy-peasy.

How to Connect People to Apple Podcasts and Spotify from the Church Center App

On Church Center, people will see newly linked Apple and Spotify icons to go listen directly on their preferred platform!

Sermons listed on a Church Center sermons pages with linked Apple and Spotify icons.

We hope these new features help you meet your people where they are—so they can easily listen to content from your church and feel connected.

🖤 Team Publishing