When band members want to rehearse music to prepare for worship services, they often open the Services mobile app and run through a playlist of songs in the media player.

Because musicians often use the media player on the go—walking, getting ready for the day, or even while driving—we wanted to optimize the mobile experience so you can learn your music more smoothly.

Introducing the new Now Playing view!

Easy to Use Screen for On-the-Go

We made the button controls to play, pause, and jump around in a song larger so you can see and tap them more easily while driving when your phone is farther from reach (and when you really shouldn’t be looking at it long).

We also made the song title and key really prominent just beneath the album artwork, with the arrangement name, tempo, and file name smaller underneath.

The Now Playing view displaying album artwork, timeline, and playback buttons.

Jumping, Looping, and Skipping Around a Song

When you’re learning a new song, you often need to hear the same part several times.

The media player features a looping button that allows you to set beginning and end points for the player so that you can loop a particular section continuously.

But if you don’t have time to set up a loop, or if you’re driving and shouldn’t pick up your phone, you can now use the 15-second jump buttons to skip forwards or backwards as many times as you want!

If you only need certain songs on the playlist and not all of them—skip ‘em! By toggling back to the playlist view, you can swipe on any song and it will always be skipped on this and future playlists.

The section looping and song skipping features on the mobile media player.

We hope you enjoy the new media player and it makes rehearsing even easier on the go!

To see what else you can do with the media player, check out our update note!

💚 Team Services