As a worship leader, you coordinate so many things.

And few things are as complicated as planning the set list—gathering all of the songs with the right parts, in the right keys, all for your worship team to be ready for the service.

But planning your set list is much easier with RehearsalPack—a new, one-stop integration for the lyrics, a chord chart, an audio file, and the license to use them at your church from thousands of recordings by popular worship artists.

It’s all available in Planning Center Services through an exclusive integration with

All Your Rehearsal Tracks in One Place

RehearsalPack creates a seamless experience as you plan your worship by bringing everything into a central place. You’ll have access to all the lyrics, chord charts, and audio files you need, right from Services.

Best of all, RehearsalPack files are licensed for everyone in your Services account—you don’t need to grant licenses to individual users, and you don’t need any other licenses for your team to have everything they need to rehearse! This makes it even easier to teach, stream, and rehearse those songs as much as you need to.

So whether you want to listen to the full recording of a song with RehearsalPack, or upgrade to RehearsalMix to get separate audio for each specific instrument track, your team can learn the parts only they need.

How To Get Started With RehearsalPack

RehearsalPack is integrated into Services and can be enabled right from the Songs page. Simply add a song, select the RehearsalPack checkbox, and the files will begin to import. That’s it!

A pop-up modal for RehearsalPack and a set up button in the middle.

If you have existing songs to add RehearsalPack files to, you can import them from the new RehearsalPack tab in the add file popup.

A RehearsalPack subscription is charged only based on your Services pricing plan. Click on the ? in the top right corner of your Services account if you need help getting started, or visit to create an account.

💚 The Services Team