Your Planning Center account holds a lot of data, some of which is extremely sensitive—addresses, prayer requests, childrens’ check-in locations, and more. We do everything we can to protect this data, and to equip you to do the same.

If your administrators’ devices or accounts are ever somehow compromised, though, we want you to have access to all the information you need to respond quickly.

Your church’s Planning Center account now includes a Security History page—a full log of every login-related activity along with the account user’s name, IP address, and the time of login.

While tools like two-step verification can help you prevent a breach in the first place, a security history page is a tool to help you respond if something ever does happen.

What Your Account Security History Logs Show You

Organization administrators can now access the Security History page from your account settings. These records let you review all login activity for anything suspicious.

If there ever is a data breach, it can be difficult to pinpoint whose account was compromised—your Security History logs help you identify that.

The Security History page displaying user activity logs with date and time stamps.

Each account security log includes the event type, account user, IP address, and time the event for that log took place.

Inside each log is even more detailed information about the event such as the user’s email address, phone number, operating system, and more, which can be helpful in a wider investigation across your organization. You can even filter logs by date range and then by the specific fields!

Prevent Data Breaches With Two-Step Verification

Your Security History page will help you monitor your account activity and investigate if you think there’s a potential data threat or breach.

But the best thing you and your team can do to keep your account and data secure is setting up two-step verification. If your account password or email address is ever compromised, two-step verification will be the thing protecting your entire congregation’s information.

Thank you for joining us in the ongoing commitment to protect your church’s important information.

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